About Nika Pavic

Mindset Coach for Performers

After graduating from university and obtaining my MBA and MPH, I started my career as a healthcare economist. For over 10 years I have worked in a very demanding healthcare, pharmaceutical and diplomatic arenas.

Working in the public health domain for most of my career my focus was mostly on national chronic disease prevention and health promotion programs such as obesity, healthy meals in schools, and cancer screening programs.

Despite the huge efforts of world organizations the statistics today show us that programs launched by national health authorities do little to improve quality of life of individuals, decrease obesity or lower the death rate from chronic diseases in the long run. This was one of the triggers for me to start researching other ways to help people improve their mental resilience and physical stamina in order to become more in charge of their health and life in general.

Being an ambitious young manager on one hand and a passionate former athlete on the other I decided to incorporate my ambition and perseverance to help young athletes, businessman, semiprofessional athletes, and professionals in all areas of life to overcome their mental obstacles, build a healthier mindset and achieve their peak performance.

I got certified in Transformation training, and further developed my skills by getting certified as a Mental Game Coaching Professional. My main focus with my clients today, whether athletes or high-aiming professionals, is to help them overcome their fear of performance, social approval, confidence issues, or any other mental obstacle that might reflect itself in physical sense also (stage-fright, palm sweating, unhealthy food relationship).

My drills are aimed at achieving synergy between physical and mental body and building resilience for outstanding performance. My clients are exclusively ambitious professionals or young adults who have a goals and passions but also clear difficulties achieving them. I am here to deliver concrete techniques to them without too much theorizing, to bring them to the top of their game!