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1:1 Mental game coaching for athletes

Junior, college, amateur or professional.

Training athletes to overcome obstacles like choking, dwelling on mistakes, and low confidence.

Using mental game training techniques to liberate both body and mind, to reach peak performance.

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1:1 Mental game coaching for professionals

Professionals of any background, ambitious and high-performing!

You feel a burning desire to be No. 1 in your field. You know you can do more, but when time comes to land that deal or deliver that presentation in front of a large audience, you choke. Putting you through a training process similar to that of an athlete will maximize your chances of success. The tools being used in 1:1 coaching stem from sports psychology.

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Mental game coaching for groups

Parents, close associates, teammates

Is your young athlete, your teammate or your colleague struggling with fear of mistakes, social approval or loss of focus? Success is often dependent on the support of those closest to us. Therefore, small group coaching can easily reveal emotional hurdles and unleash maximum performance for all involved.

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WorldWide Coach

Get coaching from anywhere in the world with video conference technology.


We can do mental coaching in person for Swiss clients and remotely worldwide.

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