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Nika Pavic is a certified Mental Game Coaching Professional and Transformation Trainer. After earning her MBA and MPH degrees, Nika spent over a decade working in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and diplomacy. She focused on national chronic disease prevention and health promotion programs.

Despite the efforts of global organizations, she noticed that these programs often failed to significantly improve individuals’ quality of life or decrease chronic disease rates. This led Nika to research alternative ways to help people improve their mental resilience and physical stamina.

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Learn Mindset Strategies for Peak Performance

Strategies and tools used by top athletes to instill composure, confidence, mental toughness, and make you unstoppable.

Why sports psychology strategies?

Because they are the most precise, and leave little room for backtracking and falling into old patterns.

Clients can choose between remote coaching from any part of the world and in-person coaching in Lausanne or Geneva areas.

1:1 Mental Game Coaching for Athletes

Junior, college, amateur or professional.

Training athletes to overcome obstacles like choking, dwelling on mistakes, and low confidence.

Using mental game training techniques to liberate both body and mind, to reach peak performance.

Our goal is to bring people together by breaking down barriers of race, religion, gender, and nationality. We should be striving to promote a world without borders – one where everyone is able to pursue their dreams.


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“You are only as strong as your weakest link. Make your mind your strongest asset.”


Explore our FAQ section to find answers to commonly asked questions

Mental training or mental game coaching is the segment of sports psychology that concentrates specifically on coaching athletes to break through the mental barriers that keep them from performing up to their peak potential and by teaching mental skills for success. It can be used not only by athletes but also by professionals in other areas, as well as students, seeking to improve their current performance and excel in their field.

If you feel you are good, you have the passion and the ability but sometimes you are just stuck, it might be worth trying to talk to a mental game trainer.

To get started with mental game coaching, simply reach out to us via phone, email, or our website contact form. We will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your goals, assess your needs, and determine the best approach for your coaching journey.

Mental health stigma often prevents performers from seeking out help from an applied sports psychology expert. We as mental game coaches are NOT therapists nor do we treat any sort of psychopathology. But we are skilled and can refer you in case we think you need further assistance with your obstacles.

Mental game coaching helps athletes and other performers learn mental skills that will propel them to a higher level of performance and help them deal with mental challenges.

Simply give us a call or Whatsapp us directly on the website to schedule a free into call, no strings attached.