Quick Tips

October 17, 2022

“Slump-Busting” Mental tips

1. Avoid generalizing based on the past few games or events. The past in no way dictates your present game, unless you focus on it. So, focus on the next opportunity for success.

2. Don’t wait to magically feel ready to perform at your best! Magic happens once you improve your thinking about your game.

March 2nd 2023

What Are your Expectations When Learning a New Skill?

Do you expect to see quick results? Learning a new skill is often frustrating, and that is how it should be.

Athletes expect quick results with mental game skills learning process, but expectation of instant gratification is the biggest enemy of an athlete. Long-lasting quality results come from patience.

So invest in acquiring, learning and applying mental skills diligently and the ruslt will surprise you, when you least expect it!

February 14th 2024

If you struggle with self doubt

How much of your thoughts are about performing well versus doubting if you have what it takes for the game or performance?

Have yourself list your top pregame or pre-competition doubts. Like ‘’I am not sure I am well prepared and ready for the game’’

And now role-play. How would a positive coach reply to these doubts and look at them in a different way. For example: ‘’I am not sure if I feel ready?’’ could be challenged like this: ‘’I have been preparing for this competition for months and I know my craft. So I just need to trust my preparation and play freely.’’