Coaching Packages We Offer

1:1 Mental game coaching for athletes

Junior, college, amateur or professional.

Training athletes to overcome obstacles like choking, dwelling on mistakes, and low confidence.

Using mental game training techniques to liberate both body and mind, to reach peak performance.

Our 1:1 Mental Game Coaching offers a disciplined and methodical approach, designed for athletes committed to excellence. Through this service, you’ll engage in a rigorous program that demands active participation and dedication to practice. You’ll learn innovative techniques and methods to fortify your mental resilience and elevate your competitive edge. Our comprehensive strategy addresses key psychological barriers—such as anxiety over performance, distractions, and fear of failure—while fostering a mindset geared towards success. Employing proven strategies like visualization, mindfulness, goal-setting, and constructive self-dialogue, our program is meticulously crafted to empower you with the mental tools necessary for achieving peak performance. This structured journey not only transforms your approach to challenges but also guarantees significant returns in your athletic pursuits, paving the way for you to reach and exceed your potential.

1:1 Mental game coaching for professionals

Professionals of any background, ambitious and high-performing!

You feel a burning desire to be No. 1 in your field. You know you can do more, but when time comes to land that deal or deliver that presentation in front of a large audience, you choke. Putting you through a training process similar to that of an athlete will maximize your chances of success. The tools being used in 1:1 coaching stem from sports psychology.

Propel your career with our mental game coaching. Designed for ambitious individuals facing high-stakes environments, this coaching will equip you with the psychological tools used by elite athletes to thrive under pressure. From mastering the art of public speaking to negotiating with confidence and decisiveness, our program will transform the way you approach challenges, ensuring you remain composed and focused, even in the most daunting situations.

Mental game coaching for groups

Parents, close associates, teammates

Is your young athlete, your teammate or your colleague struggling with fear of mistakes, social approval or loss of focus? Success is often dependent on the support of those closest to us. Therefore, small group coaching can easily reveal emotional hurdles and unleash maximum performance for all involved.

Elevate the collective performance of your group with our tailor-made mental game coaching. Ideal for sports teams, corporate departments, or any group looking to enhance synergy and overcome collective challenges. This program focuses on developing a supportive environment that fosters individual and group confidence, teaches effective communication, and resolves conflicts. By understanding the psychological dynamics of your group, we can tailor strategies that strengthen mental toughness and promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Speaking services

This service is designed for organizations and teams seeking to inject a fresh and impactful element into their developmental programs or looking for an alternative to the usual coaching services for their employees.
Nika brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in sports psychology to deliver an engaging talk on the importance of mental toughness, resilience, and focus in achieving peak performance. This one-time session is tailored to ignite awareness and interest in the psychological aspects of performance among your team members or employees, without the commitment to ongoing coaching.

You will discover the critical role of mental strength in overcoming challenges and achieving success. Nika’s talk is filled with real-life examples, actionable insights, and the latest research in sports psychology.

This isn’t just another lecture. Expect an interactive experience where participants are encouraged to engage, ask questions, and reflect on how mental game principles apply to their personal and professional lives.

While the core of the talk revolves around mental resilience and peak performance, the content can be tailored to address specific interests or challenges faced by your team or organization.

Whether you’re a corporate team, a sports team, or an educational group, this talk will leave participants motivated and equipped with a new perspective on how to approach their roles and challenges with a winning mindset.

Ideal for:

– Companies looking to offer something innovative and thought-provoking in their professional development sessions.

– Sports teams aiming to introduce their athletes to mental game strategies in a concise and powerful way.

– Educational institutions interested in providing students with life skills for managing pressure and stress.



WorldWide Coach

Get coaching from anywhere in the world with video conference technology.

WorldWide Coach

Get coaching from anywhere in the world with video conference technology.

Why Choose Us

Mental game coaching in person in French, English, German

Why Choose Us

Mental game coaching in person in French, English, German

Great support

Get email and text support from your mental coach from any location or event you attend.

Great support

Get email and text support from your mental coach from any location or event you attend.

Video mental coaching

Struggling to overcome mental hurdles? Video mental coaching can unlock your peak performance.

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