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Free Trial Session

Duration: 15 minutes
  • Cost: Free
  • Details: Experience the benefits of virtual coaching firsthand, with no obligation to continue

First ‘’Discovery’’ Session

Duration: 70-90 minutes
150 CHF (155 EUR)
  • Cost: 150 CHF (155 EUR)
  • Details: This session is designed to provide in depth analysis of the assessments provided by the coach and outlining the working strategy together with the athlete

Standard Consultation

Duration: 60-70 minutes
110 CHF ( 113 EUR)
  • Cost: 110 CHF ( 113 EUR)
  • Details: Comprehensive sessions focused on in-depth mental game coaching. Package Deals

Bronze Package

5 Sessions
490 CHF (505 EUR)
  • Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Assessment (AMAP)
  • Custom Mental Game Plan
  • Weekly coaching sessions (60-70 minutes each)
  • Unlimited email/WhatsApp correspondence with Coach Nika
  • Exclusive mental edge workbooks

Silver Package

10 sessions
940 CHF (970 EUR)
  • Cost: 940 CHF (970 EUR)
  • Includes: All Bronze package features, with double the sessions for a consistent improvement trajectory.

Gold Package

15 Sessions
1290 CHF (1330 EUR)
  • Cost: 1290 CHF (1330 EUR)
  • Includes: All Bronze package features, plus additional sessions for maximum development and support.

Teamwork and Workshops

  • We offer tailored teamwork sessions and workshops as part of our services. Pricing for these collaborative experiences is customized based on the specific needs and composition of each team.

Special Considerations

Discount Opportunities
  • Discounts available for specific groups such as young, non-working athletes with notable sports achievements, kid-athletes, and startups or small companies focused on developing their business acumen while managing budget constraints. These discounts are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure fair access to our services.