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Why you have to take risks?

May 2, 2024/

Have you ever tried bungee-jumping? Or wished you had the courage to try something extreme, like skydiving? Risk taking and adventure seeking is probably more important…

Operation Mindset

June 20, 2023/

Stay tuned for the upcoming series of interviews ”Ordinary Icons” with extraordinary individuals from all walks of life; In this exciting interview, you will glimpse some…

Focus Makes all the Difference

September 29, 2022/

Focus – The Thing in our Performance That Makes all the Difference I personally have been struggling with focus my whole life. Ever since I was…

How to Be 1% Better Each Day

September 23, 2022/

“Compounding is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.” — Albert Einstein The quest to become a better version of yourself often feels like a roller…

What is Sports Psychology?

August 5, 2022/

In sports and other professions today achieving peak performance involves more than reaching peak physical fitness or performing a task at optimum level of mental abilities.…

Mental Game Coaching Intro

August 1, 2022/

Nika introduces you to the importance of mental coaching for any profession. Mental game coaching teaches you how to achieve mental toughness in sports and business…