What is Sports Psychology?

In sports and other professions today achieving peak performance involves more than reaching peak physical fitness or performing a task at optimum level of mental abilities. Potential isn’t realized by chance, and we know that natural talent is only part of the equation.
This is where sports psychology, peak performance and/or mental game coaching come into play. All of these practices are part of the same framework – providing performers the resources to fuel their inner edge by strengthening the ability to perform, as well as to thrive.

We as mental trainers tailor our approach to elevate the performance and well-being of the clients by researching, training, and serving performers’ comprehensive mental needs. Final goal of mental game coaching or performance coaching is helping the performer/client realize their greatest potential.

A common misconception is that sport and performance psychology exists only to help elite athletes win.  In reality, sport and performance psychology professionals support people at every age and across a variety of performance contexts, including the following: